Sage and Brush

Watercolors by T.A. Newnam

About the Book

Part autobiography, part spiritual guidebook, Memo from Your Soul, is Tom Newnam’s 2011 reflection on his life experiences that led him to find greater peace, fulfillment, compassion, and inner-knowing about life’s great lessons – the same lessons and wisdom that are available to all.

In his own words:   “As you gaze at the loving light of your most authentic self, you realize that not only is your truest path and purpose being revealed to you, but so are the keys to your fulfillment.  These are keys such as how to exchange victimhood for self-responsibility, and how to replace fear and defensiveness with a love of life and a sense of gratitude that flows effortless from within.   As I wrote this book, the more I got myself out of the way and let Spirit guide me, the more truth revealed itself. And that truth is that we are all capable of allowing and trusting our inner wisdome to guide us to a life of purpose, inner wealth, and fulfillment.”

These keys to inner wealth, peace, and compassion could not come at a better time for a fearful and turbulent world.


“Tom has gone on the hero’s journey and come back to tell us all about it. MEMO FROM YOUR SOUL is filled with deep wisdom, inspiration, and reminders for us all.”

“MEMO FROM YOUR SOUL is a beautiful opening to your spirit.”

“It takes a very special book to reduce me to tears.  What a love of life Newnam must have.”