Painting images for my clients has been the heart of my business for the past twenty years. Of the estimated 500
original watercolors that I have on display in a few countries, several states and many cities around the world, three
quarters of them are commissioned paintings. I love painting. I humbly and gratefully recognize my abilities as a
blessed gift I am meant to share. Allowing my clients to acquire a timeless, original piece of cherished artwork in their
home or office is a joyful process for me.

I have completed watercolor paintings for a broad variety of clients. The paintings range from a neighbor who wants
a painting of their pet, a church portrait for newlyweds or a picture of a couple's home, beach home, boat or
business. Recently, I've even begun offering portrait style paintings.

I really enjoy the versatility painting offers me. I'm always honest with prospective clients if a painting they request is
beyond my ability. The better I feel about my intuitive connection to a proposed painting in terms of energy, interest
and competence, the better the result. Once I agree to begin a project, I commit to ensuring that my client receives,
and loves living with, a painting that well exceeds their expectations. The two paragraphs below explain perfectly why
I love creating personal works of art:

The request came from a gentleman who was grieving the loss of his daughter for over ten years.
Bridget, his beautiful and talented daughter took her life at 32 years of age. This amazing man had so
much courage and love in his heart that he commissioned a portrait. He wanted to surprise his wife with
this priceless gift. The painting shows the entire family walking on a familiar beach. This special place
was where he and his family spent many happy times while Bridget was still part of their lives.

I was pleased that Bridget's mother was overjoyed by the gift of love from her husband. Her thank you
note was so beautiful there is no way I can talk about it without crying. It begins like this: Words cannot
describe the overwhelming joy I felt when I first laid eyes on "Together Again". I could hardly speak.
With the help of Bridget's dad and I believe, Bridget herself, I was able to produce a painting for the
family that touched many hearts. Everybody, including me, experienced significant healing as a result of
that beautiful and inspired art project.

I like to work from photos that either I've taken or have been mailed to me. The cost of a painting can vary
depending on factors such as size, complexity and/or how much research or travel is involved. A fair guideline for a
prospective client is that smaller paintings are around $400.00. Medium size pieces might range closer to $1,000.00
to $1,200.00. Large pieces, typically start at $2,000.00.

If you have an idea about a painting for yourself or as a gift for someone, please send me an e-mail with a picture, if
you have one. Then I can set up a consultation to see if your project is something I can accomplish for you.