Memo From Your Soul
Let's suppose that you are taking a walk one day and you find a little, heart-shaped mirror in your
path. When you go to dust it off, you notice that there is something very unusual about this mirror.
For one thing, the glass is so clear you have to tap on it to convince yourself it's even there.
Imagine how you would feel if, when you looked at your reflection, you experienced the following:

First, you see what you would expect to see, your face and your features, whether or not you
shaved, or developed any new wrinkles. But then you notice that you are also able to view deeper
aspects of your being. The moment you realize that, you find yourself face to face with your spiritual
essence. The light of your soul illuminates your consciousness. And, with perfect clarity, your life's
plan and purpose is revealed to you.
Overwhelmed by this profound surprise, you tell yourself that you must be experiencing some kind of miracle. How else could someone gain
such direct access to the depths of their spirit? Then suddenly, all fear and doubt is washed away by a flood of pure insight. And as the
wisdom of your soul pours into your heart, you realize that what you are experiencing is a sacred Memory.

Because of your willingness to look deeper into who you really are, you find yourself remembering: that you came into this world with the
purpose of growing into your best self; that you were meant to create a happy, healthy, and full life of dreams realized and that your heart
path is not only the best way to become who you are meant to be, but also the most generous thing you can do for others.

My book, MEMO FROM YOUR SOUL is that mirror. It is written from my heart, with reflections from Spirit, and infused with loving energy that
can help you replace fear and defensiveness with the love of life and a deep sense of gratitude. How to exchange victim-hood for a deeper
sense of self-responsibility and self-empowerment and better understand how you are part of life. To understand that you are free to allow
and capable of trusting your inner wisdom to guide you to a life of purpose, inner wealth and fulfillment.
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