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Tom was commissioned by the William Gladden Foundation to paint the cover for a book published by the foundation
about the experiences of children growing up in the foster care system.

Acknowledgement by Dr. Waln K. Brown

An idiom advises, Never judge a book by its cover. With respect to this book cover, however, precisely the opposite is
true. The haunting image of a lost child moving her or his meager belongings from one placement to the next captures
the essence of the life stories herein recounted, a pictorial metaphor shared by millions of foster children raised in the
care of strangers.

Famed watercolorist Thomas A. Newnam married his artistic talent with years of experience as a juvenile probation
officer and child psychologist to create the snapshot of a foster child in transition that tantalized you to explore beyond
the cover art into the spirit of this book. Tom has an uncanny genius for reinforcing the phrase that promises, A picture
is worth a thousand words.
Click here to learn more about The William Gladden Foundation and to view Tom's painting featured on the book cover
Recently Tom had an article featured on Shirley MacLaine's website entitled A Pony for Your Thoughts.  
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Thomas A. Newnam - ACCEPTING FUNAKOSHI'S CHALLENGE, Discovering the Marvelous Truth, is published on
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In the eighties and nineties, Tom researched and co-authored several educational booklets for The William Gladden
Foundation. The booklets were written to serve as resource material to assist educators, physicians, mental health
professionals and parent who work with At-Risk Children. All of Tom's writings on the subject of disadvantaged youth
can be found by visiting the web site of The William Gladden Foundation.
Tom has designed and illustrated over thirty book covers for the William Gladden Foundation one of which is Growing
Up in the Care of Strangers
. Tom is currently working on a cover for Dr. Brown's latest book, The Schizo Kid.
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